Tuesday , July 23 2024


Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change.

~ Bill Drayton

about-turning-tinyHave you ever wondered what makes the tiny house movement an actual movement? Have you longed to hear the stories behind some of your favorite non-traditional homes? Do you wonder if the movement is more of a shift in thought rather than a blip on the architectural screen? Turning Tiny is your direct-access pass into the minds and lives of tiny housers in various arenas including design, building, community planning, and the emerging business around it all. It is a collection of what and why roughly sixty  contributing authors have turned tiny and continue to look in that direction.

It is no secret that tiny housers exist in all walks of life. Our interests are in raising families in tiny houses, actually defining a tiny house, figuring out where to park a tiny house, assimilating into a community, the future of the movement, and much more. In the following chapters are the answers to those questions, written in the words of tiny housers themselves. Each chapter is written by a different tiny house enthusiast from their personal perspective and provides a microcosmic look into an issue directly impacting them.

Read on. By picking up this volume you recognize that the old real estate American Dream has failed America. It is neither attractive nor sustainable and that living on a smaller scale is becoming the new paradigm. So indulge. Allow yourself to turn tiny with each page turn!